Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you love Doll Clothes?

I love doll clothes.  In fact, I love anything to do with vintage dolls.  I collect doll dishes, Barbie dolls and their clothes, doll aluminum baking items - pretty much anything!  I even have a collection of doll shoes.  A bit strange - but then again, that's me.   I have listed several on Etsy - Henny Penny Mercantile.  I also have taken a picture of the first button necklace I made.  This one is staying with me!  If you would like something like this .. just let me know.  I also made them in aqua, coral, purple, pink and lime green.  I have taken them off Etsy to sell privately.

Since the batteries in my camera are dead again ... I will list more tomorrow!  Have a great day!      

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