Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Stuff on Etsy

I haven't been able to get around lately as well as I should. I fell on the cement floor of a restaurant - causing an extreme bruise to my knee cap. So, it will be about another 6-8 weeks before it is healed. The restaurant has been very cooperative and understanding. Except, it has caused great pain and kept me from getting around like I normally do. All I can say to restaurants is to keep your floors clean - grease and water are really not meant for floors!

Since I am slightly immobile, I have not been capable of creating and getting items all the items I want loaded onto Etsy. However, I have finally decided to buy a new camera. Yes, I was told by a little gal at Best Buy I owned a "dinosaur" digital camera. That's OK with me really, but I need to get really detailed pictures of my items and I cannot with my "dinosaur"! Every time I turn around, my camera's batteries are dead. I told the little gal she should see my cell phone! She got a great laugh when she saw that one. So we are going today to get a new camera - then very soon, a new sewing machine that will actually make an automatic buttonhole! Little things make me happy, what can I say?

The snowbirds are leaving SW Florida now. The streets are beginning to free up a bit. It is still beautiful here, however. The rainy season has not arrived yet, so it is a great time to lie in the sun and rest my beaten-up knee. (I know - the sun is bad for you - but I use sun protection!)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you love Doll Clothes?

I love doll clothes.  In fact, I love anything to do with vintage dolls.  I collect doll dishes, Barbie dolls and their clothes, doll aluminum baking items - pretty much anything!  I even have a collection of doll shoes.  A bit strange - but then again, that's me.   I have listed several on Etsy - Henny Penny Mercantile.  I also have taken a picture of the first button necklace I made.  This one is staying with me!  If you would like something like this .. just let me know.  I also made them in aqua, coral, purple, pink and lime green.  I have taken them off Etsy to sell privately.

Since the batteries in my camera are dead again ... I will list more tomorrow!  Have a great day!      

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Button Necklaces

I have deleted these necklaces from my Etsy site.  I have decided to sell them privately.  If you would like to purchase one, please contact me at  I am sorry to cause you any problems.  A store contacted me and I would love to go that route regarding selling!

I am going to be listing many other - hopefully interesting - things soon.  Just need to get the pics loaded and we will go from there.  Doll dresses, state tags, etc.

Again, contact me directly if you would like to purchase a necklace you saw for what seems to be a minute!

Thanks again to all of you for your understanding and stay tuned. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Notforgotten Farm Patterns

I am a huge fan of Lori Brechlin's work.  Her company, Notforgotten Farm, designs the cutest and most beautiful cross stitch patterns.  This is called "Ah, 'tis Spring"!